PACSOL has experience to manufacture filling machines for Food Products that are free flowing such as Vinegar, Rose water, Juice to Visocus products such as Mayonnaise, Honey, Date Juice, Taheena, Ketch-up, Sauces, Salad dressing.

We have delivered machines as per customers satisfaction with capacity and performance.


We have delivered Filling & Capping Machines for Several Chemical Products with compatibility of product and the machine parts for  Bleach, Coolant or Glycol and Solvents for free flowing material and also for Visocus material.


    LUBE OIL  
We have Filling and Capping Machines suitable for customers requirement and capacity. We have range of machines to suit customers requirement to fill ATF or Motor oil or Lubricating grease.


We have developed machines for Cosmetic products for quick change over and clean in place with purging, rinsing. Machines are built with ease of operation quick changeover to save time and to increase the productivity. We have machines to fill and cap from Free Flowing Liquid to Viscous Creams.