Capping Machines


Single-Head Screw or Press.

Conti - Motion Multi-head Screw or Press.
  Semi - Automatic  


Automatic Single - Head
Screw or Press Capping Machine





Fully Automatic operation.  
Material of frame structure in S.S.-304. Acrylic covers from all side.  
Easy serviceable.  
Rigid Structure & Economically price.  
Torque adjustable head.  
Vibratory cap feeding system and chute.  
Star wheel to index the bottle to the capping head.  
Speed will be 35 bottles per minute.  
Minimum bottle sensor.  
Accumulation bottle sensor.  
    Technical  Specification  
Conveying system to convey the bottles.  
AC frequency variable drive to vary the conveyer speed.  
Dimension of the machine: 3mtr x 1.2mtr x 2mtr height.  
No bottle no cap.  
Vibrator feed system or sorting disk for caps.  
Machine will be enclosed with acrylic covers.  
Protected with the safety operation.  
PLC & HMI from Siemens - Germany.  
Pneumatics from “FESTO” - Germany.  
Electrical hardware from “TELEMECHANIQ” make.