Capping Machines


Single-Head Screw or Press.

Conti - Motion Multi-head Screw or Press.
  Semi - Automatic  


Semi - Automatic Capping Machine





Small capacity production line.  
Automatic Torque adjustment.  
Simple to operate.  
Robust structure.  
Any type of cap and bottles of screw capping or press type capping can be achieved.  
    Technical  Specification  
Conveyor to integrate with the filling machine.  
Sensor to detect the bottles on the conveyor.  
Grippers to hold the bottle in linear capping.  
Mechanical torque adjustment.  
Capping time can be adjusted according to bottle and cap.  
Speeds achieve can be 20 bottles per minute.  
Can be made upto 4 head capping in linear.  
Caps can be placed manually or automatically by machine.