Cream Filling Machines

  Semi - Automatic  


Semi - Automatic Cream Filling Machine

  Products that are filled by this machine are Non-free flowing Creams.
Pneumatically operated.  
Product hopper required, for some products hopper is jacketed with slow speed stirrer and Teflon wiper.  
Easy to move at convenient place.  
Drip free operation.  
Production 500 to 600 bottles per hour.  
    Technical  Specification  
Pneumatically operated machine, working on compressed air.  
Machine structure SS304 and all contact parts in SS316L.  
Maximum single stroke per nozzle will be 5200ml.  
Two drip free shut off stationery nozzles.  
Rotary valves to provide positive shut off and accurate volume.  
Provision for Auto manual operation.