Liquid Filling Machines  
  Semi - Automatic  


Automatic Level Filler


This machine can be used for filling any free flowing liquid e.g. Mineral water, juice, Milk, Solvents or cleaning chemical. 

Machine can be build up to 10 to 12 nozzles and also can have a bottom up filling facility for foamy product.

    Technical  Specification  
Machine dimension 5mtr x 1.5mtr x 2.5mtr height.  
0.5 HP motor Italian make for conveyor.  
Conveyor having Delrin slat, 82.5mm width, height 850mm, variable speed with electronic inverter.
6 head filler or can be extended up to 12 depending on the bottle size.  
Volume can be adjusted form the PLC, HMI.
Machine top tank (Capacity 200ltr). This tank will be provided with level sensor to automatically control the feed of the product to the tank with pneumatic operated valve.
PLC from SIEMENS  ( made in Germany ).
HMI – TD 200 from SIEMENS ( made in Germany ).  
Pneumatics from FESTO-GERMANY, PARKAR –UK or SMC - Japan.
Electrical hardware from TELEMECHANIC - France.
Drip free operation with shut off nozzles.
MOC : SS304.
Contact part with the product is SS316.  
No bottle no fill.
Bottle accumulation sensor on the exit conveyor to stop the cycle.
One set of shut off nozzles.
See through enclosure for complete machine, for safety of operator.
    Electrical Supply  
            Connected load 6Kw 380V +/- 10%  50Hz +/- 3%  3 Phase neutral & earth.  
    Air requirement  
            7 bar 100Psi  
  Operator has to keep the bottles manually on conveyor. Bottles will be automatically fed on a running conveyor and will be sensed by the sensor. The getting system operates to stop the containers exactly under nozzles. Once the containers are stopped, selected volume will be discharged in to bottles. Bottles are then released on the out feed conveyor.