Liquid Filling Machines  
  Semi - Automatic  

Table Top

Stand Alone


Automatic  Volumetric Piston Filler

Fully automatic machine.  
Simple to operate.  
No tools required for changeover of containers.  
Easy to changeover.  
Flushing in Place.  
Rinsing in place.  
PLC & HMI to indicate the fault.  
Can be used for any free flowing or semi-liquid product.  
Construction in SS304 and all contact products in SS316L.  
The machine can be supplied fitted with either  500ml,  1000ml,  2500ml  or  5000ml cylinder assemblies which give a volume range between 100ml to 5200ml.

The machine is designed to fill whole range of products ranging from free flowing liquids to semi-liquid.

Typical products which can be filled on this machine are Motor and Vegetable oils, Personal care products, Sauces, Salads dressing, Pharmaceutical and any different types of industrial and agricultural chemicals.

The standard Machine comprises of following specification

Two speed filling.  
Diving nozzle mechanism for bottom up or fixed position filling.  
Suitable nozzles shut off for no drip after filling.  
5 meter conveyor with heavy duty variable speed drive unit.  
Rotary valve heads to handle liquid and semi-liquid products.  
Heavy duty gating system and photo sensors.  
Inlet butterfly valve.  
Level controller in product tank.  
Siemens S7 PLC & HMI TD200 ( Made in GERMANY ).  
FESTO Pneumatics ( Made in GERMANY ).  
Bottle accumulation sensor.  
Bottle orientation detection sensor.  
    General Specification  

All metal contact parts are manufactured from SS316 food and pharmaceutical quality stainless steel. The frame and conveyor are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. Mains air connection direct to a filter/regulator unit situated in a pneumatic panel.  

Diving nozzle assembly for bottom up or fixed position filling.

PLC provides priming, Flushing.

Production counter and fault indicator on HMI.

ACCURACY within the volume ranges to +/- 0.25%.     

Machine can be manufactured with 4 nozzles, 6 nozzles, 8 nozzle or 12 nozzles according to requirement of production capacity.