Liquid Filling Machines  
  Semi - Automatic  


Automatic Pale Weigh Filler

  This machine can be used for filling any liquid or creamy product above 5Ltr or 5Kg  up to 25 to 30Ltrs.  
    Technical  Specification  
Weighing platform in SS construction.  
Machine frame 1.5Mtr height x 500mm width  x 3Mtr length in SS304 construction.  
Electronic load cell to major the weight of the can with product.
Controller for coarse & fine filling.  
Filling by weight.
Pump to transfer the product from holding tank.
2 SS 316 Pneumatic actuated ball valve for coarse filling and return line.
1 SS 316 Pneumatic actuated Ball valve for fine filling.  
All contact parts with product is in SS316 or Teflon.
All pneumatic parts from FESTO - Germany
Electrical parts from Telemecanique.
Shut off nozzle for bottom up filling provision.
Accuracy +/-0.5%.  
            Electronic weighing system.  

Operator has to place the can on a chain conveyor, which has a pusher. The can will automatically travel up to filling station depending on the nozzles the can will stop under the nozzle and convey will stop. Can will be tare and nozzle will descend and start filling the product. Filling will be in two speed, coarse and fine, once the target weight is reached nozzle will shut off and retract to the default position. Gate will open and conveyor will stat to take the filled cans out of the filling station same cycle will be repeated continuously as long as the pales are placed on the conveyor.